“Taking Yvettes Expressive art Certification course as a coach has been a life changing experiance. I am coming from a patient of mental health to a facilitator role to help my tribal community with team building and healing from generational trauma. I also have plans to give back to the community and be able to hold a safe place for all walks of life to come and do art that will help develop them,heal them and just have fun with.

Yvette has helped aid me through the process on many levels to be able to embrace the facilitator that I can be and meet my goals. There was a lot of letting go I had to due during the 12 month class process and these courses helped me build a solid foundation for my own healing throughout my Journey of becoming a facilitator. This has been a wonderful journey and I feel confident that when I do obtain my goals that I will be a well rounded facilitator and be able to hold that healing space for others as expressive arts has been for me through my own healing process. Thank you!”