Chakra Drums and Hand Pans

Steel tongue drums are gaining popularity around the world. Originally crafted from empty propane tanks, these new Chakra Drums hank drums are made from a virgin steel alloy for a pure tone. Designed to be played sitting in your lap, the drum will also work great in most modern tom or snare stands. A large sound port on the bottom of the drum allows the sound to flow through. Varying the opening in the bottom of the drum can vary the volume emitted by this drum. This Chakra Drums Handpan drum is hand tuned to the whole notes of the C Major scale ranging from the 4th to the 5th octave. 7.5″ Chakra drums are tuned to the F Major scale, higher than the C Major of the larger drums.

The Zen Hand Pans produce a buoyant, resonant sound, played hands-on. The Zen Hand Pans are arranged in the Aeolian Mode, key of A (A-A#-C-D-E-F-G-A) with a bass note D to emphasize the scale.

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