Employee Enrichment Program

Employee Enrichment Experience

We offer a wonderful Employee Enrichment program. You come to us, or we can travel to your event. We come fully equip to provide an enriching experience for your employees. It has been shown in studies that these types of team building experiences leads to better productivity and loyalty to a company. We offer:

Group Painting Experiences

Group Sound Bath Meditation

Group Drumming Experience

Group Karaoke

Painting Experience & Sound Bath Meditation

Invest in your workplace morale. Working toward a happy, engaged, focused workforce is a great way to invest in the overall well-being of your company.

Employee engagement has evolved beyond simply engaging people at work to enriching their entire lives. This enrichment philosophy asserts that as people improve all aspects of their lives, they can better contribute to the success of the organization where they work.

Moving toward an enriched workforce encompasses leadership, work-life balance, community and communication.


Effective enrichment leadership is built on a sincere belief in people as the lifeblood of an organization—everything happening within an organization happens because of its people. Employees must bring their passion to the table, but leadership should give them something to be passionate about. Effective enrichment leadership gives employees a clear view of the larger, more meaningful goals of their work.


It’s important to build work friendships since we spend so much of our lives in the workplace. The notion of being “all business” goes against our social human nature. We thrive when we form bonds with the people we see day in and day out. Having a support system at the office is a key pillar to enriching the lives of employees.


Effective two-way communication is the fourth aspect of a move toward employee enrichment. A key part of enrichment communication is to periodically gather employee thoughts and opinions on the work experience. It’s important to provide a forum in which employees can voice their opinions. Surveys and online discussion boards are among the methods available.

Work-Life Balance

Our jobs play such an important role in our lives that finding a sense of fulfillment at work is essential. One of the ways companies can help is through work-life balance initiatives that help cut absences and improve morale. Companies can help create work-life balance by offering flexible scheduling and wellness programs to enrich the employee’s mind, body and spirit.

It’s important to remember creating an enrichment culture is a process that continually evolves. Employee enrichment should always be integrated into your company culture to keep your workforce passionate and energized.


Yvette Lyons, Ph.D.

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